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Tactical plans - in mind rather than with the goals of...

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Tactical plans tactical plan  is concerned with what the lower level units within each division must do, how they  must do it, and who is in charge at each level. Tactics are the means needed to activate a strategy  and make it work.  Tactical plans are concerned with shorter time frames and narrower scopes than are strategic plans.  These plans usually span one year or less because they are considered short-term goals. Long-term  goals, on the other hand, can take several years or more to accomplish. Normally, it is the middle  manager's responsibility to take the broad strategic plan and identify specific tactical actions. Strategic plans strategic plan  is an outline of steps designed with the goals of the entire organization as a whole 
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Unformatted text preview: in mind, rather than with the goals of specific divisions or departments. Strategic planning begins with an organization's mission. Strategic plans look ahead over the next two, three, five, or even more years to move the organization from where it currently is to where it wants to be. Requiring multilevel involvement, these plans demand harmony among all levels of management within the organization. Top-level management develops the directional objectives for the entire organization, while lower levels of management develop compatible objectives and plans to achieve them. Top management's strategic plan for the entire organization becomes the framework and sets dimensions for the lower level planning....
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