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The mechanistic structure

The mechanistic structure - is to ensure that the...

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The mechanistic structure The  mechanistic structure , sometimes used synonymously with bureaucratic structure, is a  management system based on a formal framework of authority that is carefully outlined and precisely  followed. An organization that uses a mechanistic structure is likely to have the following  characteristics:  Clearly specified tasks Precise definitions of the rights and obligations of members Clearly defined line and staff positions with formal relationships between the two Tendency toward formal communication throughout the organizational structure Perhaps the best example of a mechanistic structure is found in a college or university. Consider the  very rigid and formal college entrance and registration procedures. The reason for such procedures 
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Unformatted text preview: is to ensure that the organization is able to deal with a large number of people in an equitable and fair manner. Although many individuals do not like them, regulations and standard operating procedures pretty much guarantee uniform treatment. But those same rules and procedures, with their time-consuming communication and decision-making processes, tend to bog down organizations. Mechanistic organizations are appropriate when the external environment is fairly stable. The biggest drawback to the mechanistic structure is its lack of flexibility, which may cause an organization to have trouble adjusting to change and coping with the unexpected....
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