The sociocultural environment

The sociocultural environment - The sociocultural...

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Unformatted text preview: The sociocultural environment Cultural differences, which can be very subtle, are extremely important. An organization that enters the international marketplace on virtually any level must make learning the foreign country's cultural taboos and proper cultural practices a high priority. If a business fails to understand the cultural methods of doing business, grave misunderstandings and a complete lack of trust may occur. Management differences also exist. In China, a harmonious environment is more important than day- to-day productivity. In Morocco, women can assume leadership roles, but they are usually more self- conscious than American women. In Pakistan, women are not often found in management positions, if they're in the workplace at all. In addition, the importance of work in employees' lives varies from country to country. For example, the Japanese feel that work is an important part of their lives. This belief in work, coupled with a the Japanese feel that work is an important part of their lives....
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