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To motivate behavior - empowerment in American industry...

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To motivate behavior, the organization needs to provide an effective reward system. An  effective reward system has four elements: Rewards need to satisfy the basic needs of all employees. Rewards need to be included in the system and be comparable to ones offered  by a competitive organization in the same area. Rewards need to be available to people in the same positions and be distributed  fairly and equitably. The overall reward system needs to be multifaceted. Because all people are  different, managers must provide a range of rewards—pay, time off, recognition, or  promotion. In addition, managers should provide several different ways to earn  these rewards. This last point is worth noting. With the widely developing trend toward 
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Unformatted text preview: empowerment in American industry, many employees and employers are beginning to view traditional pay systems as inadequate. In a traditional system, people are paid according to the positions they hold, not the contributions they make. As organizations adopt approaches built upon teams, customer satisfaction, and empowerment, workers need to be paid differently. Many companies have already responded by designing numerous pay plans, designed by employee design teams, which base rewards on skill levels. • Rewards demonstrate to employees that their behavior is appropriate and should be repeated. If employees don't feel that their work is valued, their motivation will decline....
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