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13. Thursday, October 22, 2009

13. Thursday, October 22, 2009 - detachment ʼ view of...

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Thursday, October 22. 2009 Deliberation and Choice/ Decision vs. appetite - cant be just a matter of appetites voluntary things in general - there are plenty of voluntary things that have no virtual dimension - therefore no ethic anger wish - idle desire, wishing something to be true fails to acquire the ethical quality of virtues opinion orthon logon = right reason [a virtue of thought distinct from phronesis] - the right view of what you are up to and how if fits into the bigger picture - wider understanding of situations - best seen by contrast NB: not rule-following, but working according to standards of success, teleological naturalism objective but not transcendental or foundational, rather, contextual - there is no form of humanness elsewhere but here that tells us if we are being a good human - they are normal, or action guiding and are inside us hence this is not the
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Unformatted text preview: detachment ʼ view of objectivity - this detachment view is that ʻ you cant get up to where the forms are ʼ therefore, you are detached Aristotle wants to change the view of objectivity recall the baseball diamond - the distance from home plate to Frst base - makes it interesting - its the right answer, this is the notion of rightness that Aristotle means my orthon logon Issues for Deliberation: ignorance- lack of knowledge, ignorance is part of ethical responsibility - you cannot plead ignorance - “ought reasonably to have known” -ex: plagarism stupidity- doesn ʼ t mitigate vicious action - dont think and recall something that you know for sure- forgetful - this shows that being ethical is being mindful human nature - available to us? not sure. .. impairment (eg: drunkness) - if the impairment is as a result of an action you took, it doubles the responsibility...
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