22. Thusday, November 26, 2009

22. Thusday, November 26, 2009 - PHL Thursday, November 26...

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PHL Thursday, November 26 there is no way to get the world of objects vindicated as real unless you have proved that god exists as a non-deceiver Arguments for gods existance (a) clear and distinct idea of God in my mind (b) subsistence force in my existance the idea that this person is greater than me, i cant have caused it, its not adventigious, i exist - i obtain this existance of a perfect being, so whatever caused this idea in my mind - therefore, this person must exist (god) you cannot avoid the trace back to the perfect cause (b) i exist, there is an idea that greater, cause that is external, it must exist, but what does its existance have to do with mine? clearly i do not cause my own existance - it is not something within my control if there is a slightly greater thing that causes me, there is something that causes it . .. etc traced back to god i exist because God exists in order to underwrite my existance - the fact that i exist is because of God not a good argument!!! I have an idea of God. where did it come from? where did i come from in order to have it? Meditation Four a theodicy of error, based on God ʼ s nature as non deceiving in the creation of the world under god as a perfect being has needless suffer, this must
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22. Thusday, November 26, 2009 - PHL Thursday, November 26...

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