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29. Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - Hume is better than okay;...

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Philosophy – January 26 th The Copy Principle (CP) Impressions simple ideas complex ideas Simple idea: colour Complex ideas: car NB: the CP is maintained as an empirical principle The copy principle itself is rooted in sense impressions BUT: Hume offers an empirical counterexample Possible Judgments Hume is in deep trouble; he has undermined the CP – the person forms the simple idea of the impression without the actually experience of having that impression. Hume is okay; this really is a negligible exception
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Unformatted text preview: Hume is better than okay; this exception proves the rule. Hume is in slight trouble; the missing shade is a complex idea derived from experience of other shades (But thats not what he said) Were in trouble; this is an unresolved tension within the text. Were all okay! The missing shade can be produced by reference to other shades then experienced as an impression generating a simple idea. A.k.a., the paint-chip resolution....
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