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PHL100Y1 March 18, 2010 Lecture Is A. J. Heir an ‘ass-hat’? – is this verifable This is on the exam VCM (Verifable Criteria oF Meaning) Fails test oF selF reFerence Hume Ayer Kant Collingwood Propositions Relative presuppositions Absolute presuppositions POSSIBLE SOLUTION No. 1: pragmatism The VCM isn’t based on whether is it meaningFul but iF it is useFul POSSIBLE SOLUTION No. 2: critical or descriptive metaphysics (vs. pseudo-metaphysics AND positivism) Whose business it is not to clear up conFusions, but to help articulate relative and
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Unformatted text preview: absolute presuppositions • Emotivism is unconvincing as an athical position ±ACT VALUE CF. Hume: deriving an ‘ought’ From an ‘is’ “The naturalistic Fallacy” (Moore, Principia Ethica [1903]) Providing a claim about ethics by appealing to a defnition oF the term “good” in terms oF one oF more natural properties (such as “pleasant”, “more evolved,” “desired,” etc.) BUT: can we do ethics in this manner? POSSIBLE SOLUTION: rational reconstruction oF ethical meaning; developmental account • He is an ass-hat...
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