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Main Themes - Tradition vs. Modernity - societies - abundance vs. scarcity - core vs. periphery, Undifferentiated vs. Differentiative social orders (primitive vs. complex) - human knowledge - fusion of religious and scientiFc knowledge - had to have both spiritual and scientiFc knowledge, but today they cannot possibly fulFll those functions (archetype), Changing forms of consiousness - rising sense of self efFcacy, freedom, place in the world no longer decided by divine dictate or authority. . no big love, feeling of lonliness or detatchment, fear/ horror of that freedom - people wanted to be integrated into that community - created totalitarianism/ communism - Dictatorship vs. Democracy (self government vs. being governed by others) - socio- economic modernization - the rise of wealthier societies. . engage in other resources than just getting by. . there is not just one kind of dictatorship or one kind of democracy, minimum deFnition of democracry (competitive elections with multiple parties, with
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