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1. Introduction - Traditional Society

1. Introduction - Traditional Society - POL Tuesday...

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POL Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 Tradition and Modernity: Economy and society in the pre-modern era: - scarcity - most people had no surplus, they lived on the land, - non-market societies - people bartered, a commonly universalized currency did not exist however currencies did exist, markets existed but only once and a while by peasants - family life - live in extended families (uncles, aunts), almost like tribes, you were born into this* (you had no choice), you were born into a station (if you were a woman, you were subject to the rule of the man), kinship relations were very important, relations and loyalties were based on emotion and were highly personal - affective orientation - cry for three days, loyalties based on love - collective orientation - individual rights did not exist, they are modern. oriented towards extended family. - particularism - people were treated differently based on their status, you would never treat people on the outside of your family the same as your family, shunning
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