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government comparison chart - Britain USA System of...

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Britain USA System of Government Parliamentary Presidential Ancient/ Modern Constitutionalis m Ancient : how political order actually functions, less prescriptive & more descriptive, less prescriptive & more descriptive Modern : one document drafter by particular set of people at particular time period, can be amended but is governed as people saw it Written/ Unwritten Unwritten : signiFcant acts of parliament, & documents (only about what parliament does), custom, important interpretations of law (common law) Written : lays out structure & relations of government, election dates, electoral restrictions, individual rights - basically, rules of the game Institutions product of evolution - built into legal fabric of society product of human design - not evolution Design of Government Executive : Prime minister/ cabinet, responsible government Legislative : House of Commons/ & Lords Judicial : New supreme court Executive : President/ cabinet Legislative : congress - house of reps/ senate
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government comparison chart - Britain USA System of...

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