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POL Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Democratic Institutions What is democracy? Democracy is a method for choosing leaders. Universal franchise, secret ballot, majoritarianism - this deFnition is purely procedural Emerges out of different pre-democratic contexts There are profound implications to the type of institutions that you choose Parliamentary vs. Presidential Systems Constitutions: rules of the game. Britain vs. U.S.A. Ancient vs. Modern Constitutionalism: Written vs Unwritten - Modern: structure of government is laid out in one document drafted by a particular set of human beings at a particular historical time period, and thereafter it changes through amendments but will still govern as those people saw Ft - Ancient: the term constitution was used by Aristotle and he did not mean a single written document. Instead, he meant a set of practices - how a political order actually functions. Less prescriptive, and more descriptive - it tells you less on the rules of the game, but it tells you how it actually works. Great Britain: - Unwritten constitution. History of continuity. 1. SigniFcant acts of parliament and documents (nothing written about parliament itself, but there are things written about what parliament does) 2. custom 3. important interpretations of law
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Tuesday november 3 2009 - POL Tuesday, November 3, 2009...

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