Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - Why do we care about liberty...

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Why do we care about liberty and equality? - negative and positive, which one should we prioritixe? Berlin: what kind of liberty shoudl the state protect? - negative liberty: what is it? - the state should protect it within limits Section two: Fundamental Freedoms - consciounes, religion, thought. . - section 7: right to life, liberty, security of the person - p 1058 - euqlity rights (suggest right to non-discrimination - this is an issue) - af±rmative action Berlin: political philosophyer, Enlighs, wrote rfom oxford - deals with liberty - in artcile, aims to investigate positiove and negative freedoms - not legal term-sense Negative Liberty: - answers what areas should be left to be without inference (generally) - only restricted with others restrict you (institutions, people, government) - Berlin thinks this matters greatly, we need it - state ought to protect our negative liberty What Kind of Liberty should the State Protect? Berlin thinks we needs negative liberty: if they put signs on apple trees saying “don ʼ t pick them”, I wouldnt be able to pick them - they need to protect our negative liberty - why shouldn ʼ t we think its appropriate to attempt to merely maximize negative liberty? out projects are different: there would be constant chaos, we use negative liberaty to monitor the conditions so we can create our projects quality, happiness and culture: the state can sometimes justfyably sacri±ce the negative liberty of some people, in order to promote the happiness/ equality of other people - when someones negative liberty is sacri±ced, there is nevertheless an absolute loss, but sometimes we need to resrtict negative liberaty in order to give them the background conditions in order to achieve equality and make use of
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - Why do we care about liberty...

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