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MUS230: Test Two Study Notes Indeterminacy and the Avant Garde Movement Avant Garde - people or works that are experimental or innovative - pushing the boundaries of what is expected as the norm/status quo - hallmark of modernism John Cage - Born in 1912, died 1992 - A profoundly individual mind and leading Fgure of avant garde - indeterminacy of performance : allowing the performer/composer more freedom to do what they feel - studied in California with Arnold Schoenberg Cage worshipped him They didn’t get along well as Schoenberg made it impossible for Cage to write music - He experimented with timbre 4’33” most famous piece, written in 1952 4 minutes and 33 seconds A score that you bought and it’s three movements , each marked tacet tacet is when a performer of a vocal or instrumental part is instructed to remain silent there are no musical notes in the piece the point to this piece is silence , which Cage often focused on he experiments to prove that there is no such thing as silence because he could still hear his heart beating and his own noises he point of this was for people to experience that sound of living , sounds of people, and things in and around the audience the composer relinquishes control of the sounds and what goes on during this piece the sounds vary from performance to performance. Aria could have been performed alone or with another one of his works not represented as most musical scores are, but more of a graphic representation gave the performers to interpret the score in their own individual way example of indeterminacy the pitch is not determined but interpreted by the performer Music of Changes is an example of Cage’s indeterminacy of composition (“change” music)
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it was composed by taking The Book of Changes and the Chinese Book of Oracles made charts derived form these books and Fipped a coin used the images from his charts to determine the composition of the piece. - text scores or word pieces are works that have nothing but a brief verbal instruction of what is to be done Anti-Music - a piece by Philip Corner - the score consists of throwing an anti-personnel bomb into the audience - this piece was not performed and will never be performed, as is the deFnition of anti- music La Monte Young - anything that could be presented as art, was - tremendous cross-over between pop and art - formed the group : theater of eternal music , focusing on experimental drone music - started as a pop musician and went to university to study art music - founding fathers of minimalism in music: creating the maximum out of the minimum Steve Reich - known for his minimalism , still composes although his music has changed - an accomplished percussionist - Come Out composed of a single loop , as it slowly goes out of phase a reverberation is heard protest piece for the individuals charged with murder in the Harlem Riots of ’64 - this style of music is
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Test Two Study Notes - MUS230 Test Two Study Notes I...

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