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1 Tuesday January - plays a causal role in making one say “ouch” we can trace electrical chemical activity and it seems for every event or

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The Issues: A personal Identity: Either you are your mind or you are your body There are problems with both of these Indiscernability of Identicals If Clark = Superman, then Clark and Superman have exactly the same properties. Transitivity of Identity (1) Clark = Superman (2) Clark = Kal-El (3) Superman = Kal-El A man sees the colour green and says that he likes this shade of green, and thinks that he should paint his room green, and he has a conscious greenish experience. Technically you could take away the green object and still have this experience The mind body problem is that how do the thought and the conscious experience relate to the self, the brain or the physical world? Option One: The mind is one thing, the body is another - the conscious experience makes him say “I like that shade of green”, or another example, a feeling of pain
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Unformatted text preview: plays a causal role in making one say “ouch” - we can trace electrical/ chemical activity and it seems for every event or speech act there is a neural cause - what is the point of having the experience if the body does everything? in this case, the mind is floating free and makes no difference Option Two: The mind is identical with the body - a blind person asks: what do you see when you experience green? - the man with sight tries to explain green in the relation to other colours, with the feelings it gives them and explains just how the eye, brian and light work - if you know everything about a bat, you do not know what it is like to be a bat...
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