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2. Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - Judith Jarvis Thompson...

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Judith Jarvis Thompson Physical Thesis: People are their bodies Physical Criterion: x=y iff x’s body = y’s body Objections to Physical Criterion: 1. Death - if Blue is gone, his body is still there, therefore Blue cannot be identical with his body, but who could the dead person be? It is still Blue 2. Body Switching: Brown-Case-One: - transplant brain of Brown-body into Robinson-body, the survivor is exactly like brown - Brown’s Body becomes completely out of the picture - many people seem to think: (1) survivor = Brown (2) survivor’s body Brown body - If we think this, Brown has switched bodies and we give up both Physical Criterion and Physical Thesis Brown-Case-Two: - drugs used altered the brain so survivor thought he was Robinson - the only reason to think survivor=Brown is because the brain was formerly in Brown’s body - when you get a liver transplant, you get off the table as yourself, therefore survivor Brown Lesson: - In Case-One, the brain is irrelevant. We think that the survivor is Brown not because of the brain transplant, but rather, because we presuppose that the brain carries the psychology Brown-Case-Three - reprogram Robinson’s brain with Brown’s psychology and destroy all of Brown-body - some say that the survivor is Brown, as the transplant of his psychology is sufficient - others say that transplanting the brain and the psychology are both necessary, and that transplanting the brain must have cause psychology to be transplanted - this view does not lie in the fact that the brain is the carrier, so physical criterion is disproved again What should replace Physical Criterion? Psychological Criterion: x=y iff x’s psychology is connected with y’s in the right way - people are made up of temporal slices, and there is a certain belief - you end up getting a latticework of psychological states, and they overlap and may not last the whole temporal process - a connectedness of the time slices forms a psychological continuity Reply to Body Switching 1. Queen Victoria would you say, “Queen Victoria is back!”? according to psychological criteria, this is true, and you must say that Queen Victoria has switched bodies
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if she actually is not there, psychological connectedness is not the mark of personal identity 2. Brown, Dickenson and Robinson there are two survivors at their waking who are psychologically connected to Brown at his becoming-
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2. Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - Judith Jarvis Thompson...

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