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Tuesday, Feburary 1, 2011 - the idea is at that later time...

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cl. The Source of Confusion Relevance Principle: - you have a person at t1, and a person at t2, all you need to look at is the facts about either of these bodies and the relevance between them - ALL that matters, is the state of blue, the state of green, and how they are related Uniqueness Principle - if blue = green, the truth-maker for this claim is R - then it follows, if you have another guy, yellow, in this case, he cannot bear that relation to blue - EVEN if yellow was identical with blue, it would not be identical with green - sometimes showing whether two things are the same, you add in a third thing - at one time, the turkey guys were the closest thing to the vienna circle - the turkey guys are still the same (internal relations) are the same as before
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Unformatted text preview: - the idea is, at that later time, a new group has reformed that has a better claim to the vienna circle - which metrics are the key ones? I dont know - it is just which one is the closest continuer based on certainmetrics - why do we care about this? it just shows that all other cases could be wrong (Thomson, Williams, Parfit) The Closest Continuer throey, In more detail - if you want to trace your past, you can use this causal theory to see what people previously were most like your current state - to say that something survives if it is closest continuer doesn’t mean that anything goes - like if you die, your children are not an extension of you - he doesn’t want to give answers, but an analysis of personal identity and how it works -...
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