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RLG220H1F - September 13, 2010 Introduction Holocaust/ Shoah - sacrificial connotation, something wholly obliterated something which has been offered up for a sacrifice 1933-1945 is the period of the nazi takeover, but the real destruction (churban) was between 1939-1945 When Jews remember the people sacrificed in the holocaust, are known as holy and pure - it was their way in sanctifying the way of God When you spoke about holy and pure, you were talking about the people who had a choice - the choice was to give up judaism and their membership in the Jewish community and become something else - if they were to convert to another religion, they would be allowed to live and integrated into community but if they refused they were killed - you are supposed to “die as a martyr” in response to strange worship In the holocaust, the nazis did not care about whether or not you were jewish, but it was a racial notion - you could not pick what race you were born to We like to assume, that the victims willingly turn their lives to God all the victims were not Jews, but all the Jews were victims ” - Elie Wiesel, survivor of the holocaust and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 20 million people died during this period, maybe 3 million of them were Jews - minority percentage, the majority were non-Jews The reason is that the holocaust as a planned program - its prime purpose was the total and complete destruction of the Jewish people as a whole - it was considered to be the “final solution of the problem of the Jews in Europe” - it was quite clear that the nazis were going to begin in Europe, but would not spare
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1. Introduction - RLG220H1F - September 13, 2010...

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