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6. Monday, November 1, 2010

6. Monday, November 1, 2010 - RLG220 Monday November 1 2010...

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RLG220 - Monday, November 1, 2010 GET NOTES FOR FIRST 20 MINUTES Pre-Modern East European Culture: there were two main strands... Wasserman - Yeshiva World (a world centered in Lithuania, that is based upon an emphasis on talmudic learning and a theology influenced by the Musar movement, which emphasized inner discipline, and cultivating a sense of sin - if terrible things are happening to Gods people, they are sins, and have brought it upon themselves) Shapira - Hasidic World (very much into talmudic learning, also in the Kabbalah [jewish mysticism], Jews to the Torah and the commandments, have access to the inner life of God and have a connection to the Gods) - They are both committed to this pre-modern east European Jewish religious culture - Jews had a 6 year window (33-38), they could have left - at least half of the German Jews survived because they were able to get out in time - In Poland, 90% of Jews were killed - In Lithuania, 95% of Jews were killed - In Germany, 50% of Jews were killed p30 “descendants of Esau” - first chapter of Vayishlah is the “portion of exile”, showing the “behaviour of Jews should be while in exile amidst the descendants of Esau”: in the era of the “footsteps of the messiah”, the “mixed multitude” will lead the Jews - these “mixed multitude” “did not stand at mount Sinai” and are not the seed of Israel - also, in the footsteps of the messiah, impurity will wage war against the study of the Torah - “the hollow of Jacob’s (the pillar of the Torah) thigh was wrenched” - thigh: support of the Torah/ schoolchildren p31 - Heaven will respond to this disrespect with sword and destruction - in this era of “footsteps of Messiah”, “we will be as the nations” began in the Berlin Enlightenment (Haskalah) - be a Jew in your home and a person in public - undermining the Torah - God said: In that ye say: We will be as the nations .... shall not be at all - Jews and Gentiles are lght light and darkness - one cannot change length, distance they are - gentiles push Jews back - the more Jews try to assimilate, the more the Gentiles force them back (Holocaust?) p32 - two sorts of heretics: denier, still together with Jews but just lost - there is also the lost ones mixed with gentiles - the shepards were not feeding the “sheep” they were feeding themselves - God took over and “seek that which was lost”, “bring back that which was driven away” - the shepards “acted as a steel wheel between Israel and their Heavenly father” - they did not give them the Torah, but heretical thoughts - the wealthy people did not donate to what they should have been donating to (the weak and poor) p33
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- Jewish people have flocked together from diverse areas - there was a prophecy that said that Jewish families would be seperated, and that they would only reunite when Elijah would come - nations, ethnic groups, parties against one another was prophesized as well - Originally, the Torah was the face of the generation, and it guided the generation where it needed to go,
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