7. Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7. Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - RLG220 Wednesday Read...

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RLG220 - Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Read Book and Look up “the election of the Jewish people”, “Hermmin Cohen” Ignaz Maybaum - argument is that Jews should remain a seperate people in order to teach these high standards, but they will no longer have to maintain seperate status when the messianic age comes - if you look at the question of chosen-ness, there are three options: 1) there is no choosen-ness at all - everyone is born as a race, and it is a question of racial survival 2) it is not chos 3) it is not that the God chose the Jews, but that the Jews chose God - Spinoza - there were a lot of people that did choose not to be Jews - the task of liberal Jewish teachers and preachers of the 19th century was to teach them to choose God - Author goes back to the traditions - to be chosen means to have no choice. .. God chooses. .. this resonates with the people he was talking to, because the nazis had selected the Jews - they couldnt care less whether or not you were religious, or even wanted to be a Jew - people who thought that they could choose their identity, but it came to be that the devil chose who they were whether they liked it or not - what Author is doing, is saying that if you regard your chosen-ness as something being done by the nazis, then there is no hope and the whole thing becomes an absolute absurdity - if you look at it as you were chosen by God, then there is a purpose in your survival - promoting agenda of justice, mercy and truth - yellow star that Jews had to wear - was like wearing a badge of shame and was the equivalent to wearing a prison uniform - some said: wear it with pride - why would you wear it with pride? it indicates you are chosen by God, and you are thankful for this instead of hating that you are selected by Hitler - Author: why did God choose the Jews? to get them out of this medieval mindset - a racial identity does not allow choice (ex: being born male/ female) - in this case, the chosen-ness means that God chose the Jews, but they still have a choice whether you can confirm it or deny it - every Jewish thinker who has thought about this after the holocaust - has had to give a reason why Jews should accept their chosen-ness - without this notion of chosen-ness, the Jews simply become a racial group - is there any reason why a particular racial/ethnic group should survive? - individuals have a survival instinct. .. but does that work with a group? fluid identity is quite easy, and people can become part of any group, and if the group is a detriment to your survival, you can leave it and change to another group - some people are not even parts of any group - if nazism is a throwback to racial identity, it rejects the enlightenment which promoted change, universally and equality 2nd Motif - Treatment of Christianity - you can contrast Author with Bauman - Bauman regards the holocaust as a symptom of modernity, and argues against Author when he says nazism is a throwback or regression to medieval times
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7. Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - RLG220 Wednesday Read...

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