9. Monday, November 22, 2010

9. Monday, November 22, 2010 - RLG220 Monday Shalom...

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RLG220 - Monday, November 22, 2010 Shalom Rosenberg - doesn’t attempt to explain, doesn’t provide intellectual satisfaction. It looks to how we react to it. The holocaust it something we shouldn’t be able to explain and get intellectual satisfaction - He wants your reaction to his work to be unsatisfying - He isn’t talking to the “rest” of the world, he is talking as an Israeli Jew - At the beginning, he speaks about the question of memory. There is historical and natural time like the cycle of the seasons - it is cyclical - experience is memory “that sticks” - Unless there is some radical cataclysm it will likely happen again (natural time) - historical time: an event in the past that will not occur again in the future, it can only happen again once if the exact same preconditions are in place, and this still does not assure it - the holocaust can be viewed in historical time as remembered by the targeted victims (collective memory: your individual memory contributes to the collective memory, commemorating the event) - p335B: “The holocaust is the symbol and the event that unites all of us” inserting himself, although not there personally, he can identify with the collective memory as Auschwitz had an effect on them all all Jews are survivors: “look upon yourself as a survivor” - Emil Fackenheim: “root experiences” exodus from Egypt revelation on Sinai Reconstruction of the 1st and second temple - these are archetypal events, that everyone refers back to - holocaust is the 4th archetypal event - the archetypal events are collective memories commemorated in national ritual - collective memory is not an excuse for excluding individual insertion - collective memory is where the community commemorates the event and you are an individual who is a part of that community - historians attempt to explain the events as natural phenomena - Fackenheim’s 5th archetypal event would be redemption - the return of the messiah - Rosenburg: there is too easy a use of collective memory for political purposes. He is attempting to argue that the holocaust is the cause of/ reason for “zionism” in the State of Israel the state of Israel as a “consolation prize” for the holocaust - because of the holocaust they deserve a
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9. Monday, November 22, 2010 - RLG220 Monday Shalom...

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