5. Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5. Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - RLG224Y Tuesday Frankl you...

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Frankl - you have to be “response-able” you have to be able to respond to your world - friends, family you will then stop being carried along by the culture that you are a part of - shopping and sports there are better, and worse ways of spending one’s time these things have no meaning watching sports = watching commercials, keeps the wheels of commerce running - the search for meaning has to become personal/individual, and cannot be carried on by a culture of compliance - Grant says the same thing, that the mass culture stunts individuality - individual views on art, culture, music comes from a genuine education, and not fitting into a mass society - Frankl creates a paradox in the book: he says that those who survived the concentration camp were those who had a meaning (in his case, the publishing of his book) this motivated them to go on, and keeps you inspired and searching for the meaning on the other hand, he says that the best of us did not return (the morally best, those who were most loving, caring, self-giving) in making sacrifices for your fellow prisoners, you may get too weak to live, ex: giving away your piece of bread the morally best did not survive because they made sacrifices for their friends Grant - says that we are living in a culture of compliance - we get meaning out of what other people do and we don’t seek our own meaning, and we don’t seek our own definition of success - wealth is an easy form of success to latch onto - ex: you write poetry for yourself, and it is later found when you are dead to be amazing poems - you can find meaning even if you don’t get recognition, but you can develop your own standards - in NA society, we fail to ask questions about the culture that we are a part of - this is because we live in a mass age - a society of mass production and its techniques - almost everything in our lives is mass produced - ex: a chair produced and manufactured in factories, is different from a hand-crafted artisan chair things are looked at in forms of mass production, and no individuality is looked at - what a mass production society does, is guarantees a certain standard that people want to be assured of - ex: instead of going to a little restaurant at a back corner of town, you will go to Burger King because you know you will not get poisoned - marketing has become such an important part of everyday life there is a distorted economy because of marketing - ex: Michael Jordan got paid more than an entire Indonesian factory economy is important, because people want to sell, and therefore need marketing - standardized education is geared to literacy - mass literacy and mass education
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5. Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - RLG224Y Tuesday Frankl you...

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