6. Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6. Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - RLG224 Tuesday we have a new...

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RLG224 - Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - we have a new concept of time in modern day - the book of genesis the 7 days of creation has become part of our literary background, and mythology God came to the end of making, and rested on the 7th day - the day his divine creation ended - Sabbath/ Sunday the Lord’s Day Act - there was nothing opened on Sundays, up until 35 years ago Shabbas Goy - an individual who is not Jewish who is asked to light the stove and turn on the electrical lights on the Sabbath - the point of emphasising the book of genesis and creation, gives us a linear conception of time which begins with a creation story, and ends with the end of the universe - no religion is capable of eliminating anomic phenomena, but it lets you know it exists and it deals with feelings and gives you a sense of meaning - there is a chosen people which salvation comes into the world (issac, abraham, jacob) and moses gets the 10 commandments - you get the Torah, the notion of law in the Hebrew scriptures - salvation history because of the unfaithfullness of the Jewish people - the prophets come about and say that just being righteous is not enough - you must respect the least of your brethren - Greek philosophy also breaks through mythic consciousness, and it gives a cyclic account of time there is an order in the universe, and the order gives us an idea of how to behave - breakthrough into Greek philosophy: Lovejoy the great chain of being is a hierarchal conception of being you have material on the bottom, plants above it, animal kingdom, and humans some say we start too fast, we automatically try to love humans but we should start loving materials (pet rock), then a plant, then animals (a fish, then maybe a dog), and then we can start loving humans further up in this chain of being is an angel an angel is a disincarnate mind/spirit, while a human is an incarnate mind/spirit an angel is a messenger from another world, and doesn’t have a body at the top of the chain is God he transcends being, and cannot be described as a being he is outside the process this is called a static world view as in, it does not change through time - an evolutionary worldview was not first mentioned by Darwin - all of this goes through time, but does not culminate in any form of progress Augustin talks about the rise and fall of Roman Empire, but there is no sense that you progress from one time to another this is a product of modernity - we want to think that thinks will get better, and will get better in the future - the myth of progress we could not think that such a sophisticated civilization could decline, however. ... - we depend on oil
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6. Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - RLG224 Tuesday we have a new...

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