8. Tuesday, November 2, 2010

8. Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - RLG224 - Tuesday, November...

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RLG224 - Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - the gender of an individual does not assume what their position on abortion is - Daniel Callahan is pro-choice, and Sydney Callahan is pro-life feminist - restrictive (never) this happens often in LA it leads to backstreet abortions, where the death rate is higher among women - moderate (rape, incest) there will be a plateauing most women will use birth control instead of abortions as means of birth control in the period up until 1989, in Poland, it was officially a communist country and it allowed abortion, and women could have ready access to abortion Poland is 99% Catholic - but women were opposed to birth control, so they did not have readily access to birth control they had the highest abortion rate - private lives are formed by a religious view, but the social view becomes that abortion became the means of birth control - permissive (anytime) increase in number of abortions when it becomes legal, it then declines, and then stays at a certain rate most women when given the option will choose to practice birth control - there are still a number of illegal abortions they may choose to keep it secret so there is no public record of abortion for ex: if it is an affair we don’t know the numbers of these types of abortion, as there is no record - Daniel Callahan’s conclusion is that he was opposed to choosing to abort in the case of a fetal indication that was relatively trivial ex: cleft palette, as they are usually treatable he would say: my disagreement shouldn’t matter at all, and that a woman has a right to get an abortion in this case, and women should be the people that make the choice - he believes in a permissive legal code, as it is the lesser of two evils - technological ethos: human beings must use, rather than be used by nature (?) - he would be happy about plan B - it is for the proactive individual The four principles of feminism that lead feminists to think of/argue that abortion has to be at the centre of womens liberation. .. (1) women have the moral right to control their own bodies
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8. Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - RLG224 - Tuesday, November...

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