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Assignment One Redo: Meaning through Suffering The holocaust has been presented throughout history, in lectures, thoughts and discussions as an event which radiated negative infuence For most beings that were not, or are not, associated with the Nazi party oF Germany. However, even as Viktor ±rankl spent many years as a persecuted Jew, and moved From one concentration camp to another throughout the years oF WWll, he used his personal values and experience as a psychologist to create his theories on the importance oF the meaning oF liFe, which paved the groundwork For the study oF logotherapy. In the book, Man’s Search for Meaning , ±rankl began Part l, entitled “experiences in a concentration camp” by dividing the overall experience oF a holocaust prisoner into three parts. The ²rst section recognized the Feelings and occurrences that took place directly aFter admission into a concentration camp (±rankl 8). At ²rst arrival began the separation, where the weak were sent to die and the strong were put to work (12). The surviving prisoners were stripped oF all their possessions, and leFt with nothing else but their naked bodies and a number as the only identi²cation oF their existence (5). The result oF this exposed Feeling will later be expounded on in regards to my own personal experiences, but the prisoners oF the holocaust developed a sense oF meaninglessness within their lives in response, causing some to even lose the will to live. The second part oF the holocaust experience reFers to the adaptation to camp liFe and a daily routine inculcated in the minds oF the prisoners (8). It was ²rst noticed that the prisoners no longer needed to avert their eyes From the torture around them (21). This blunting oF emotion, along with a sense oF apathy and a carelessness regarding one’s liFe were commonplace once entrenched in camp routine (23). In order For the desolate liFe oF a prisoner to not become meaningless and ultimately end in suicide, the prisoners refected on their inner selF, using RLG 224Y1 - ProFessor Schmidt Quila Toews - 997556201
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imagination to take them back to their past life (39). Some individuals developed a somewhat
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Assignment 1 Redo - RLG 224Y1 Professor Schmidt Quila Toews...

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