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Unformatted text preview: “ Faith as Ultimate Concern ” by Paul Tillich Summary by Meghan Ramsay (QCC, 2004)- “faith is the state of being ultimately concerned.” - faith is a task for the believer’s complete being —for instance, it is an act of both the conscious and the unconscious. He refers to faith as a “total and centered act of the personal self, the act of unconditional, infinite and ultimate concern.” - faith arises out of man’s awareness that he is a part of the infinite yet he is not the owner of this infinity - God is present as the subject and object of ultimate faith while at the same time is transcendent beyond both subject and object- there are finite things that claim infinity, such as the nation or state. However, unlike God, believers can approach such finite things with “ordinary knowledge.” Since God is infinite and ultimate and faith in God is the ultimate concern, only symbolic language is sufficient to express faith and God - symbols play a part in that which they represent and cannot be easily replaced,...
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