November 30, 2010 - Abortion Ask the question your friend...

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Abortion? Ask the question - your friend is pregnant, and has asked you for your advice if you have it in a legal structure, you have to have sanctions (placed on the doctors) conclusion is in regards to sidney callahan: human life should not be viewed as contingent, but intrinsically valuable - reorder the lives of men in light of the relationship that they have with women choose an article, develop both sides, develop convictions Euthanasia - it is also a question of life and death - it literally means a good or a happy death - it assumes something beyond that: in the 21st century it has come to mean mercy killings, or physician assisted suicide - it no longer means a good or happy death, but whether we should legally/ morally accept the idea that at certain times or circumstances we ought to terminate life - one implication: in 1900 the average person lived in NA to the age of 47 (you need to factor in that infant mortality was very high) - the average person today lives to the age of 80, and the final ten years of life become a real drain - ought we always to extend the life of people, when their lives are not terribly meaningful? - in certain circumstances it could be okay to use a lethal dose - do you think you should terminate a persons life? do you always think you should keep a person alive? - basic distinctions: passive vs. active passive by omission : serious car accident, raced into emergency, a nurse sees them, do we use all the technological and medical means to keep this person alive? is there any chance that this person
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November 30, 2010 - Abortion Ask the question your friend...

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