Philosophy in the Mass Age Notes

Philosophy in the Mass Age Notes - - possibilites, ends,...

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Unformatted text preview: - possibilites, ends, moral philosophy (3) - total destruction of the human race (4) - consumption, education, entertainment, medicine, Halifax, man dominates over man, and man dominates over nature (5) - we arent in a position to make individual choices that will shape history, as mass culture is too dominant (6) - the fixed point of meaning as sought out by philosophy is what will help society progress(7) - humans only pursue philosophy when the old system of meaning is at the end of its day - and new questions arise that cannot be answered in the old system (7) protestantism (8) - Chrisianity is not inadequate, but cannot rest in old systems of meaning - when people are insecure, they turn to comfort in history (8)- every instrument of mass culture is taking away our freedom (9) - entertainment identifies life as it is, with life as it ought to be (9) - religion - reliable member of society is a church goer makes you want to go to church (10) - reason and mass society are interdependent, scientific reason = reason (10) - philosophys view of reason as an instrument, mirrors real life of our continent, in which individual freedom is subject to conformity (11) - optimism: no more scarcity, more free time (11) *** circular, we conform to society in order to gain more free time, and then our leisure time is also controlled by this society in which you are working to produce - freed form the old framework of tradition - high self consciousness - enlightenment and sense of freedom(12) - youth know that freedom is standing against pressures of society that bind them in an impersonal grip & education is not ready to meet their needs (13) - vision thought out explicitly vs. root of their personality/actions dominating their lives half-consciously, individual beliefs made by forms of society (14) - must pass beyong world view to make judgement on it (15) - philosophy is negation of world view (= self, and dependence on society) (15) - modern man vs. traditional religious views (15) Modern Man Traditional history is consciously and voluntary made by humans and the modern man is a history making man and that is the purpose in life - to make history humans dont make history, events are pale shadows of a divine reality, lives out patterns established by the divine we have personal uniqueness, how can we find meaning simply by not seeing actions as his own? (19) everything was a ritual by religious association - farming, sex, leisure - imitated acts preformed by Gods in the golden ages - religion was reality, so actions that were not archetypal were profane, and unreal (17) see plato (19) sought to find themselves by being united with that which was beyond change (19) Modern Man Traditional unique and irreversible events must be shaped by creative acts of human will (22) recreate creation every years - birth, passion, death, reassurection of Christ - recreate eternal, overcome meaninglessness of existence and bring divine back (18) law: pre-exists written laws and the state,...
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Philosophy in the Mass Age Notes - - possibilites, ends,...

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