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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - RLG224 - Tuesday, December 7,...

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RLG224 - Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Sue Rodriguez - very influential cases regarding euthanasia - she cannot be punished if she does not fulfill Robert Latimer - was not violent, or a risk to the public - but was seen as guilty, as people do not have the right to mercy killing What about a person who is in the hospital, and is not going to recover, is there a normal responsibility to hydrate them (like you would with someone you find in a desert - you have a moral responsibility to give them water)? What do we say about active euthanasia by omission if you are talking about ordinary measures? it is not something that can be determined on a case by case basis Down Syndrome child with a hole in the heart - if you want to do infanticide, you can just say that you do not want the surgery - is this a form of murder? this depends on what judgement that one makes on euthanasia - a doctor who does not perform this surgery, and also the parents, may be seen as murderers Overdose on morphine is something that can be used in difficult circumstances - if this is not okay with the family, the doctor will not do this as he won’t want to lose his job There are two categories: deciding for oneself, and deciding for others How does one decide for oneself? 1) a living will - if you find me in *this* circumstance, I wish to have my life terminated - this is difficult in the case of altzheimers - when you get to the point where you do not recognize your children, you want to die - no one will honour this, as it is currently illegal using the book - death by choice - Daniel Mcguire- he is pro-euthanasia and he believes that in some circumstances you can choose
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - RLG224 - Tuesday, December 7,...

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