Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - Global Poverty vs Domestic...

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Global Poverty vs. Domestic Poverty - in domestic poverty, people don’t get enough to eat, not because the food isn’t the available but it is because of an economic or family breakdown - kids will go to high school with nothing to eat, and poverty acts in many contexts in modern day - no one needs to go hungry in a society like ours, but this is not true in large parts of the globe - 1 billion of the 6.5 billion people in the world are malnourished, why? - maybe the question that needs to be asked instead is, why are certain countries rich enough that poverty is the exception? - our society as a whole is a generally affluent society - why is the “first world” rich? there is the cultural dimension regarding the North Atlantic region - the same elements that went into the development of the history making spirit, also formed the background of the society for economic development - on the one hand the scriptures that be seen as encouraging us to be stewards of the earth, and they also encourage us to be masters of control and environmentally insensitive - the biblical emphasis on human dominion, leads to the creation of a particular type of culture, with linear time, and as we go into the future, we have a responsibility to be prudent about the future, or it could lead us to the notion of social and material progress, leading to a certain mindset that is distinctively Western - thirdly, we emphasized that western societies are monotheistic, and the world itself can be desacralized and disenchanted aand something that is just creation, being distinguished from the creator - this is the attitude we take as physical scientists - if we want to understand why economic development took off in the West, that is part of it - destruction of animism (view nature and human nature as containing spirits so there are sacred groves - you meet and are in touch with the spirits, you cannot cut down the trees) - Catholic-Protestant sensibilities: Catholics pray to the saints during a lightening storm, an appeal to the life of the spirit that protects you Protestants will go out and buy whatever you need to protect you from the lightening - pragmatic A protestant service preaches the gospel while a Catholic service is centered around euchres and the sacrament (outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace - viewed as superstitious) - the next element of the transformation in economies is the protestant ethic - the protestant ethic says that there is a sense of election (goes back to Hebrew scriptures, Jews are
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - Global Poverty vs Domestic...

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