Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Test: 5/7 or 8 or 9; test /50,...

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Test: 5/7 or 8 or 9; test /50, each question /10; 100 minutes; topics: schmidt-conover, euthanasia, global poverty, colonialism, industrial revolution, protest ideology, schumacher (globalization), nuclear power, just war theory, marriage relations, homosexual relations, reproductive technologies and cloning Homosexual Relations: - why is it important for them to marry? - it is important for their commitments - the push to same sex marriage began with the legal profession - the churches should distinguish their sacramental marriage from the right that is practiced by the state - Novak: the reason the state became so concerned with marriage is because they were so concerned with raising children - marriage is a minority pursuit - Quebec was the most religious society and now has become secular, now about 50% do not marry and do not feel any necessity to marry in the state/ province - AIDS in the 80s had significance for the gay liberation movement and the way homosexuality was view in society as a whole - showed promiscuity, and population was more vulnerable - everyone was dying - will the acceptance of homosexuality in society mean less promiscuity within the gay population? - because gay individuals are not free, and have not had their personal relations affirmed by society, they have been more defined by a lifestyle which involves “cruising” and promiscuity - how do we understand responsible, mature sexual relations in the gay population? Pornography: - three ways which our society is dealing with pornography (1) porn has been a sexual liberation (2) third wave feminist assertion - women are as free as men to engage with/ making a living off of pornography
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Test: 5/7 or 8 or 9; test /50,...

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