6. Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6. Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - Becoming Virtuous virtue...

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Becoming Virtuous: - virtue is a state - habituation and practice - “the sources and means that develop each virtue also ruin it” - pleasure and pain (cf. hedonism) - he does not endorse preference hedonism where what is good for you is what you prefer - things are good for certain people in - upbringing - you have to have the right upbringing - actual vs. apparent goods - if youre in ill health, the appropriate medicine is good for you - you may not feel pleasure from taking this medicine, and its an odd kind of pleasure to get better, yet it is still pleasure - external goods and virtue: you cannot aquire virtue on your own, even with the corrent upbringing, it takes external goods from the body and the soul ex: wealth is an external good not only for the obvious things (buying slaves, a good quality of life) but it also allows you to cultivate a virtuous disposition ex: friends - Aristotle sees this as very important - these are not only instrumentally and intrinsically good, but it also helps you develop virtue - you learn virtue by practicing habits and you learn the right thing from virtuous people who are intelligent and can offer insight on what virtue is - you need a community to learn from, emulate and practice - you cannot be virtuous in solitude friends = other wealthy, free, men who also have the goal to be as virtuous as possible The Doctrine of the Mean: DeFciency Mean Excess - we don ʼ t have a disposition to be generous without having a disposition to being not
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6. Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - Becoming Virtuous virtue...

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