18. Wednesday, November 16, 2011

18. Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - Nozick - Ethics, Animals...

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Nozick - Ethics, Animals and Aliens: What do animals count for? - he gives arguments for and against speciesism - Against speciesism: spillover if we cause animals to su f er without reason, there will be a spillover e f ect in that we will stop respecting them and will be indi f erent when humans su f er just like Kant, we violate our own humanity by treating animals without respect Nozick does not agree with this: we will hit a baseball with a bat, but this will not spill over into wishing to hit a human head with a bat this argument does not hold when you generalize it to other contexts - For speciesism: existence > non-existence animals that are raised for consumption, would not exist if we did not breed them so, even though their lives are nasty, brutish and short, they have some purpose for existence even if they live for a small time, at least they exist at all, which is better than non-existence Nozick disagrees with this because if we breed a human and then say that he has lived 20 years, and can die now. .. this does not seem right - “Utilitarianism for animals, Kantianism for people” you maximize happiness for all creatures, including animals, but you place stringent side constraints (you may never harm/ sacri±ce a human for the bene±t of an animal) which are Kantian - Objection to Kantian: medium stringent side constraints does this put animals in the right box? does this mean that it is okay that
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18. Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - Nozick - Ethics, Animals...

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