2. Monday, September 19, 2011

2. Monday, September 19, 2011 - Philosophy Sex and...

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Philosophy, Sex and Feminism (1) What counts as sexual desire and sexual activity? Scenario One: A woman is manipulating another ʼ s vagina Scenario Two: A man is watching other men play football We think that One is sexual, and Two is not. Now add: Scenario One: A woman is a gynecologist examining a patient Scenario Two: The man is enjoying detailed sexual fantasies about the players that he is watching Now what is sexual is fipped, when you look at something deeper than what is at the surFace. Judgement changes with more knowledge about context. Now add: Scenario One: The gynecologist is also the patient ʼ s lover What if the whole scene is on a pornographic movie set? (2) Still more themes to be stressed: - The language of sex: The vocabulary of sex: euphemisms and curse words The progress in the freedom of our language has changed things considerably “Intercourse” as PIVMO (penile intermission into a vagina followed by male orgasm): not an adequate characterization as there is such thing as social intercourse, and many other types of intercourse Also, “intercourse” as PIVMO is very heterosexual - Can we keep Method and Doctrine apart? Can a philosophical position be a starting point for philosophical enquiry? People think that because you are a feminist you have a bias: you have value judgements - ex: Rationalist vs. Empiricist - an “empiricist” will attend to experience as well as reason Heuristic: not to solve a problem, but are methods to Fnd, explore or discover something the feminist stance, even though it includes beliefs with which others disagree, can be looked at in a heuristic way, which is likely to bring about discoveries consciousness raising is a way of doing philosophy because it can change your vision of the world you live in there is an entirely legitimate way for a viewpoint to illuminate philosophical issues - A feminist's attention will be guided by: The fact of discrimination and oppression of women and intersex Fact/ Value : rejecting essentialism (“because you are a woman. ..”)
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some think that women are superior and radically different because we have something different than man; our “femininity” the core of anti-essentialism:
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2. Monday, September 19, 2011 - Philosophy Sex and...

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