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3. Monday, September 26, 2011

3. Monday, September 26, 2011 - Rhythym method of sex you...

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- Rhythym method of sex: you abstain from sex during the times when you can have a baby - this is not bad; because you are okay with the fact that you might be a mother/ father Aquinas and Natural law - the key argument underlying the discussion of sex: a. The natural function of sex is procreation b. Therefore any other use of sex is a misuse and a sin - this argument requires 2 implicit premises: a. If X is a natural function of organ O, any other use is a misuse b. if U is a misuse of an organ, then it ʼ s a sin - however, play is nonserious practicing for the utilitarian use of your limbs... if its throwing a ball back and forth, it does not serve an actual purpose but they are necessary in order to get full mastery of your body - since the notion of sin is a religious one, we can take that as justified by scripture or dogma. But it could be wrong to go against nature even if there were no God - genetically modified plants: a lot of people think that this is playing God, and they don ʼ t need to believe in God to think that playing God is a bad thing Justifying P(a) - if other uses diminish the ability of the organ to perform its primary function, then one
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