7. Monday, October 31, 2011

7. Monday, October 31, 2011 - Sex and Morality 1 The...

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Sex and Morality: 1. The Specialness of Sex - sometimes your own goals may coincide with the goal of the dissemination of your gene - when you think about your own goals, this may be the opposite thing that you want - your goals vs. goals of nature - sex directly effects the only things that nature cares about in my life - something unique about sexuality: it sets off intense and diametrically opposite responses - everyone can Fnd some sexual practices or situations that elicit intense disgust and others that elicit intense excitement - anything that someone Fnds abhorrent, someone else Fnds exciting - and conversely - the negative tend to dominate over the positive emotions 2. Four Approaches to Morality Natural Law: - already discussed with Aquinas - Natural law theories are teleological - tagged by Goldman as a means-ends analyses; and the ends are prescribed by nature - they stress the aim or goal of natural processes - this aim or goal is discovered; it is not, (like the aims and goals of actual people) determined by getting the word about what the actual intentions of an agent were - Natural law theorists are not consequentialist they are not interested in whether consequences are good or bad, only whether the process are natural ex: it is more important to prevent condom use than death by HIV
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7. Monday, October 31, 2011 - Sex and Morality 1 The...

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