Aquinas Essay One - Summa Theologica Critical Summary...

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Summa Theologica: Critical Summary Quila Toews - 997556201 Aquinas states that lust, focused on venereal matter, is a mortal sin. Any sexual act is lustful, and thus unnatural and perverse, if the intention is not reproduction (A1, “I answer that”). Lust is a mortal sin because it is not in accordance with right reason and is detrimental to the collective good of society. This is because it does not provide a stable period of begetting or upbringing of a child, which is the central focus of the marital act. Ultimately, lust is a threat to the sanctity of marriage and the traditional view of sex and family. This assessment will not follow the speciFcities of the whole work, but will focus on the themes just mentioned in relation to Article one and Article ±our. In Article 1, Aquinas categorizes lust into six species, or different types of the sin of lust. He makes this categorization by means of the diversity of matter, or the diversity of the human nature of the person or object that is acting or being acted upon. However, in each species the woman is seen as the ʻ object ʼ and as someone who acts by way of matter, instead of being an active agent like the man (A1, I answer that. ..). He states that the matters which fabricate the different species of lust are each at variance with
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Aquinas Essay One - Summa Theologica Critical Summary...

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