3. Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - RLG206 - Wednesday,...

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RLG206 - Wednesday, September 29, 2010 India During the Life of the Buddha Indus Valley Civilization 3300-1300BCE - worshiped mother diety figures - Aryan migration into NW South Asia (1700-1300) - oldest known Indo-Aryan texts are the Vedas - RgVeda (dates to at least 1000BCE) - Brahmanas (including the upanishads) - prose works of Vedic interpretation (before 500BC) - “Classical Sanskrit” and the transition from 1st-2nd language - in the middle of the first millennium - it turns from a spoken language to a written language - the middle Indo-Aryan languages “pakrits” - related to sanskrit Pali (the language of the earliest Buddhist scriptures) The stone inscriptions (places large stone pillars all over India, writting in Brahman script - similar to Pali) placed over India by Ashoka - the Golden Age of classical Sanskrit about 1000 years epic Sanksrit - of the great epics (brahman) “Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit” Ashvaghosa (2nd century AD) Kalidasa (early 5th century AD) - “Brahmanical Hinduism” 4 social classes/castes 4 life stages (student, householder, retired, renunciant) divinely created (each has a dharma = duty), which reflects a cosmic order study of the vedas (authoritative and divinely composed texts) and performance of the vedic rituals (to ensure the social order) was mostly restricted to the brahmana class if you fulfilled your duty properly for your life, you could be born into another class spiritual liberation was only available to the brahmana class - In contrast to Brahmanical Hinduism, there was a “mendicant” (sramana=”those making effort”, “those
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3. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - RLG206 - Wednesday,...

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