5. Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5. Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - RLG206Y - Wednesday,...

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RLG206Y - Wednesday, October 13, 2010 The Eightfold Path Cont’d Prajna (Wisdom) - ‘Right View’ - seeing the way things truly are and described by Masefield (in Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism) as a “supra-mundane existence” and prerequisite to all subsequent elements of the path - right view together with right resolve are the “cognitive and volitional aspects of wisdom, which correspond to the deepening understanding and integration in the individual of the insight of the Buddha” (p33) Sila (Conduct) - “Principles of training” are organized into 5 (observed by practising lay Buddhists), 8 (observed by laypeople during periods of intensive meditation practise and during uposatha (lunar observance days) or 10 (observed by novice monks and nuns) Samadhi (Meditation) - Two categories put forward in the Therevada Tradition: samatha meditation: leading to tranquil states vipasyana meditation: leading to mindfulness, involving a cognitive transformation - these two categories are not clearly differentiated in the Pali Canon, but are systematized by Buddhaghose in Visuddhimagga (5th century CE) - practise involving the six smrti (Pali sati ) or “rememberances” the Buddha the Dharma the Sangha the rewards of ethical conduct the rewards of generosity - meditations on the body, including its stages of decomposition - sometimes done in funeral grounds - reflections upon death - detachment from clinging to the self - analyses of elements - concentration on coloured objects of devices ( kasina ) - contemplation of the loathsomeness of food - mindfulness of the breath - the immeasurable (apramana) contemplation (or brahmaviharas): loving kindness (maitri) - contemplation love on your enemies compassion (karuna) sympathetic joy (mudita) equanimity (upeksha) Karma, Cosmology and Cosmogony - we are located in a continent in an entire worldsystem - we live in the rose-apple continent - we are not alone in the universe, we are just one world-system in many different world systems
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5. Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - RLG206Y - Wednesday,...

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