Essay Two - Monastic discipline, or Vinaya refects on the...

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Unformatted text preview: Monastic discipline, or Vinaya refects on the historical aspect oF the Buddhas passage to the enlightened mind. It allows For the liberation oF his Followers by understanding his teachings oF the Dhamma and also engrains in each person a sense oF mindFulness in their actions. To precede the explanation oF how monastic discipline is signicant to members oF the Sangha in attaining liberation, the precepts and rules regarding discipline need to be briefy outlined. The Pr timokkha is a text in the collection oF Vinaya literature which provides an archive oF oFFenses that concern both Bhiksus and Bhiksunis (Prebish, 11). These 227 precepts are recorded and classied into eight diFFerent categories, which are ranked beginning with the most severe transgressions that invalidate a monk or nuns ordination within the Sangha. These precepts are called P r jika Dharmas and requires that the members oF the Sangha desist From sexual intercourse, theFt, murder, and the False proclamation oF preternatural Faculties. The classes oF disciplinatory rules then become less serious and involve milder punishments (Prebish, 16). The development oF discipline in monastic liFe Fosters a liFestyle in accordance with the Buddhas theory oF the Middle Way. The Buddha developed the ideal oF the Middle Way in order to prohibit any Future Buddhists From living in extremous conditions, as it acts as a detriment to ones attainment oF liberation. When the Buddha was instituting the original monastic tradition, the idea oF the Middle Way was employed by making the location oF these religious communities intermediate...
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Essay Two - Monastic discipline, or Vinaya refects on the...

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