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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - Histories = Past Accounts...

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Histories = Past Accounts Genres - vamsa (chronicles) 1st century CE (Sri Lanka) from Pali Canon commentaries 1. Mahavamsa/ Dipavamsa (Sri Lanka) 2. Trends: Searching for hilstorical fact, use in national identity generation - Buddhist History Buddhist text are “almost never historical in our sense of the term”, they appear to be nothing more or less than carefully contrived ideal paradigms Ashoka - ruled from 269 BC to 232 BC - in his early life, he was exceptionally wicked and cruel (killed people, war, torture pits) - left pillars all over India that contained inscriptions - deciphering the Asokan edicts spawned a new era of scholarship: to uncover the dates and the (historically true) natyre of Ashoka’s life and dharma - method for “uncovering hard fact” comparing narrative material (such as the Asokacadance) to the edicts (the latter being taken as a standard of historical truth/reality) it was a process of taking myth out of these narratives accounts to find out with Asoka/ Buddha’s life was like - strong argues that Asoka’s dharma seems to have meant a. .. “moral polity of active social concern, religious tolerance, ecological awareness, the observation of common ethical precepts and the renunciation of war”
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - Histories = Past Accounts...

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