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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - Medicine and Buddhism...

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Medicine and Buddhism copied directly from article Tibetan Medicine: History Source: Gyatso, “Background 3 great dharma kings of Tibet - considered to be divine kings of Tibet King Srong btsan sgam po (569-649 CE) was a military leader and help brought Buddhism to Tibet - An astonishing number of titles of medical works are recorded from this period (7th- mid 9th century) that were either translated from other languages, - The kings interest in such activity is said to have been motivated both by their concern for the welfare of the state and their desire to obtain superior medical care for their own families; contests testing medical efficiency were carried out - By the time of Khri-Ide Srong-btsan (late 18th century) there are reports of the title of “court physicision” in the royal court - the Tibetan dynasty fell in ninth century - patronage for medical leaning was taken up by the emerging Buddhist monastic centers - monks ended up becoming doctors in their lives - Buddhist medicine practice is altruistic, completely devoid of greed, sees patients as
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