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PHL243 Monday September 19 th , 2011 Lecture 2 (i) “Philosophy, Sex and Feminism” as Preview What counts as “sexual”? Consider two scenarios: Scenario 1: A woman is manipulating another’s vagina Scenario 2: A man is watching other men play football Which of these scenarios involves sexuality? Involves Eros? It seems that the first one is and the second one is not. Add to the scenario: In 1: the woman is a gynaecologist examining a patient In 2: the man is enjoying detailed sexual fantasies about the players that he is watching Which of these scenarios involve sexuality now? The second one is and the first one is not. Continue with the first scenario In 1: the gynaecologist is also the patient’s lover This reinstates the sexual content. And what if the whole scene is on a movie set? Could be just a job and hence drained it of its erotic content. With more knowledge about context, judgements change. This is a foretaste of what we will talk about later in the semester. ... Some more themes to be stressed The language of sex: The vocabulary of sex: euphemisms and curse words “intercourse” as PIVMO not an adequate characterization o Some sort of interaction o PIVMO = Penile In Vagina (followed by) Male Orgasm o PIVMO is the paradigm case of have sex o Makes it seem as though the male orgasm is all that matters o An area where there is still a lot of progress to be made Can we keep Method and Doctrine apart? A guiding principle can prove a heuristic o Empiricist = experience is the fundamental source of all knowledge o Empiricist will attend to experience as well as reason A feminist attention will be guided by: o The fact of discrimination and oppression of women and intersex o Fact/value: rejecting essentialism (because you are a woman. ..) Consciousness raising is a way of philosophy. It is a way of changing your vision of the world we are living in. The feminist starts in relation to essentialism – which is the view that if you really understand what a woman is and you really understand what a man is, what you want to do is understand
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PHL243 Monday September 19 th , 2011 Lecture 2 the essence of woman and the essence of man and there you will see how different they are and how complimentary they are. The cores of anti-essentialism: statistical differences don’t justify influences about individuals. You will find statistical differences in a number of characteristics of various cultures and faiths. Through these differences people tend to derive stereotypes. The essential anti-essentialist is trying to say that absolutely nothing follows from a statistical generalization of a group you belong to, to anything that is true about you. Stereotyping is more of a psychological response that people have, almost automatically. A
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Lecture 2 - PHL243 Lecture 2 Monday September 19th, 2011...

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