Diplomacy during the war

Diplomacy during the war - French alliance forced Britain...

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Diplomacy during the war.  The Americans realized that the war for independence would be lost without the support  of other nations. Indeed, they had looked to France as a potential ally in the struggle  with Great Britain as early as 1774. In late 1776, with both France and Spain already  secretly providing munitions and money for the war, a delegation led by Benjamin  Franklin went to Paris hoping to negotiate a formal alliance.  Franklin was a popular figure at the French court, but it took news of Saratoga before  France recognized the United States as a sovereign nation. A commercial agreement  and a formal alliance, which actually became effective when France and England went  to war in June, were concluded. French aid ultimately tipped the balance in favor of the  Americans. In addition to providing direct assistance in the form of men and ships, the 
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Unformatted text preview: French alliance forced Britain to bolster its troops in other parts of the empire, spreading its forces even more thinly. Spain declared war on Britain in 1779 but did not recognize the United States; the Dutch Republic did the same in 1780. The combined French, Spanish, and Dutch fleets outnumbered the British warships. Catherine the Great of Russia created the League of Armed Neutrality, a coalition of European states that followed a policy of passive hostility toward Great Britain. The British had to deal with Russia and Sweden in 1780 and Prussia and Portugal in 1782. These diversions were costly and helped make the American war increasingly impractical in both economic and political terms....
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