The Plymouth colony

The Plymouth colony - The Plymouth colony A more extreme...

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Unformatted text preview: The Plymouth colony. A more extreme view was held by the Separatists, a small group mainly from the English town of Scrooby, who opposed any accommodation with the Anglican Church. Unlike the Puritans, who were also referred to as Non-Separatists, the Separatists advocated a complete break with the Church of England. At first, the Separatists left England for the more tolerant atmosphere of the Netherlands, but after a while, their leaders found the Dutch a little too tolerant; their children were adopting Dutch habits and culture. When the opportunity arose to settle on land granted by the Virginia Company of London, the Separatists accepted the offer. In 1620, they set sail for America on the Mayflower . As a result of their migrations, the Separatists became known as the Pilgrims, people who undertake a religious journey. Instead of landing on Virginia Company land, however, the Pilgrims found themselves in what is now...
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