Ford - Ford's challenges. Gerald Ford faced the same...

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Unformatted text preview: Ford's challenges. Gerald Ford faced the same economic problems as Nixon and was no more successful in dealing with them. The unexpected combination of inflation and high unemployment continued to plague the country. The president focused on inflation and launched the Whip Inflation Now ( WIN) campaign, a voluntary effort that called on Americans to save their money rather than spend it. The campaign, with its red and white WIN buttons, had little effect. Ford also reduced spending and the Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates, but the recession worsened and unemployment reached nine percent. Only then did the administration shift gears and try to stimulate the economy through a large tax cut. In foreign affairs, Henry Kissinger stayed on as secretary of state, providing continuity for American foreign policy. Dtente with the Soviet Union remained a high priority, and in late 1974, Ford and foreign policy....
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