The Clinton Years

The Clinton Years - The Clinton Years In the aftermath of...

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Unformatted text preview: The Clinton Years In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, Bush's popularity reached its high point, and conventional wisdom was that he was almost guaranteed a second term. He and Dan Quayle easily won the Republican nomination for the 1992 election, while Bill Clinton, the little-known governor of Arkansas, headed the Democratic ticket along with Tennessee senator Al Gore. Both Clinton and Gore were baby boomers, and their platform called for job creation, environmental protection, and health care reform. During the primaries and in the campaign, Clinton overcame allegations of marital infidelity to gain popularity in the polls. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the 1992 campaign was the third- party candidacy of H. Ross Perot, a Texas billionaire who understood that the election hinged on Bush's weakness — the economy. Perot offered an array of solutions to the country's economic Bush's weakness — the economy....
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