Civil Rights for Minorities and Women

Civil Rights for Minorities and Women - Fund the United...

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Civil Rights for Minorities and Women African Americans are not the only group of people who have faced overt discrimination.  In the early years of the republic, Catholics and Jews were denied the right to vote in  some states. The Irish, Jews, and other immigrants faced a long period of de facto  discrimination in housing, educational opportunities, and employment. Nor does the civil  rights struggle involve only racial minorities, as the status of the disabled, homosexuals,  and women demonstrates.  Hispanic Americans As did African Americans, Hispanic Americans found that the best way to accomplish  their goals lay in organizing. The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education 
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Unformatted text preview: Fund, the United Farm Workers union, La Raza Unida, and the League of United Latin American Citizens have campaigned for increased voter registration and greater access to education. Hispanic Americans benefited directly from the 1975 amendments to the Voting Rights Act that required that election materials be made available in minority languages such as Spanish where justified by the number of minority voters. Immigration reform is also a pressing issue, particularly the rights of illegal immigrants and whether they will be able to become American citizens....
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