Getting Nominated and Campaigning for Office

Getting Nominated and Campaigning for Office - Getting...

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Unformatted text preview: Getting Nominated and Campaigning for Office One of the most famous images in American politics is the smoke-filled room, where the political bosses met to decide whom they would support. The bosses' power has given way to the power of the voters, who now decide on their party's nominees. Reforms during the Progressive Era started the trend toward primary elections, in which voters directly select their party nominees, a process that was solidified for presidential elections starting in 1972. Primary elections A primary is an election in which voters choose the parties' candidates for the general election. There are two types of primaries. In a closed primary, only a party's registered voters may vote; in an open primary, registered voters in either party can participate. Sometimes winning the primary is tantamount to winning the election because voter registration in the state assembly or congressional...
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