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Obstacles to Voting - fourth Amendment Literacy tests Again...

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Obstacles to Voting Despite the expansion of the franchise, obstacles to voting remained, particularly for  African Americans. With the power to set registration procedures, states found it  relatively easy to deny African Americans the right to vote in spite of the Fifteenth  Amendment.  Poll taxes Southern states charged a fee before a person could vote, and a few added the unpaid  fees from one election to another. This practice effectively disenfranchised poor African  Americans and whites. The poll tax was finally abolished in 1964 through the Twenty-
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Unformatted text preview: fourth Amendment. Literacy tests Again in the Southern states, literacy tests were used to restrict applicants. The usual practice was to require an African American to explain some complex part of the Constitution, while whites were given an easier passage to read and explain. Good-character tests Prospective African-American voters in the South had to provide an endorsement of their "good character" from two or more registered voters....
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